C4D模型-30个C4D高精度圣诞节相关的3D模型 (C4D/MAX/OBJ/FBX等格式)


CGAxis Models Volume 39 – 3D Christmas is collection containing 30 highly detailed 3D models of christmas decoration. You can find in it: various christmas trees, christmas wreaths, table decorations and many more. Models from this collection are great to give your interior visualization projects special holiday mood. Models are mapped and have materials and textures.


  • max VRay
  • max Mentalray
  • Cinema 4D
  • Cinema 4D VRay
  • FBX
  • OBJ
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C4DTALK » C4D模型-30个C4D高精度圣诞节相关的3D模型 (C4D/MAX/OBJ/FBX等格式)